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Terms & Conditions

1.     All firearms must be unloaded on vehicles and in the camp. Within the camp, weapons may only be used on the shooting range.

2.     No Calibre smaller than .303 may be hunted with. Eland may only be hunted with a 7.62 x 54 (308) with 180gr, nothing smaller.

3.     All rifles must be sited on the shooting range with no exceptions, and the Fire Arm Register to be completed if fire arms are rented. No hunting from vehicles. Hunters are not to be off loaded closer than 100 m from game. Hunting is done on foot except under medical exceptions.

4.     In the field you must at all times be accompanied by a guide.

5.     Do not litter.

6.     You may hunt from sunrise until 30min before sundown, no hunting at night is permitted.

7.     No hunting is allowed in a 100m radius from waterholes, except for bow hunting.

8.     Do not give any alcohol to the guides. A soft drink is more than sufficient.

9.     You must satisfy yourself regarding the specie, size and sex of the game you want to shoot. You must and cannot rely on the guides, as no discount applicable for small or wrong game. You are the one who pulls the trigger, not the guide.

10.   Wounded animals will be regarded as dead and the full tariff will be charged. Don’t be a cowboy bullets don’t go through bushes or trees. Any animal leaving a blood trail or any trail indicating a wounded shot  (E.g. pieces of bone, windpipe, hair etc) will be regarded as a wounded animal.

11.   A 200m radius around the camp is a non-hunting area. No hunting whatsoever is allowed in this area. The guides know this area.

12.   No money or tips may be given on any occasion directly to the guides. All tips must be placed in the tip box, tips will be distributed to all the staff. No bribing of guides for any reason whatsoever. If this happens we will triple the amount and you will be asked to leave the farm immediately.

13.   If hunters do not show up your deposit is not refundable.

14.   Any damage to property will be added to the hunters account.

15.   Please take note that the vehicles on the farm are all old vehicles and should be driven with care, this is a game farm, not a formula one race course. Please drive the vehicles accordingly.

16.   There are two types of wood on the farm, namely braaing and firewood. Please do not use the braai wood for bonfires. Do not make big bon fires if there is a strong wind blowing, as the coals keep simmering long after guests have gone to bed, and this  poses a serious fire hazard.

17.   Ledrea Game Lodge cannot accept responsibility for any illness, accident and injury nor any expenses arising from such illness, accident or injury.

18.   Everybody MUST sign Indemnity document, terms and conditions & the hunting Tariffs.

19.   The full account must be settled prior to your departure, in cash, internet payment, traveller’s or bank guaranteed cheque. No exceptions.


A 100% accommodation fee is payable in advance to ensure your booking no exceptions.

You will not be permitted to remove any meat or trophies from the premises until all accounts have been settled in full.

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