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Q- When is the hunting season?
A- Our best months are from April through to the end of September; these are our cooler winter months. Not much rain is experienced during this time.

Q- Do I need a permit for guns and ammo?
A- On arrival in South Africa security services at customs will issue you with a temporary import permit for your weapons valid for the duration of your stay.

Q- What weapon should I bring?
A- (a) For plains game the 270 is minimum, 338 Mag,
30-06, 7 Mag or 300 Mag is ideal.
(b) The 375 H+H or the 340 WBY will fit in with Buffalo and other big game.

Q- What ammo. and bullets are suitable?
A- Hornady, Speer, Sierra, Core Lokts and Power Point soft points are fine. Trophy Bonded, Barnes X, or Nosler Partitions are preferred.

Q- How much ammo. do I need?
A- 40 to 60 rounds is more than adequate. Ammo can also be purchased locally if necessary.

Q- What scope?
A- 4x on up to 3-9 or 4-10 is plenty.

Q- Bipods?
A- If you have one, by all means bring it along.

Q- May I use camouflage clothing to hunt?
A- Camouflage clothing is legal and accepted in South Africa. By all means use it.

Q- How long will the hunting shots be?
A- Between 50 and 150 meters, the average being just over a 50meters.

Q- Do I need a knife?
A- No, but you are more than welcome to bring one with.

Q- How do we travel while on the hunt?
A- A suitable off-road vehicle is used to get us around and to spot game, thereafter we walk and stalk.

Q- Do we eat the game we shoot?
A- Yes indeed! Much of the game is prepared in different outstanding ways. This adds to the experience of the hunt.

Q- Is a 7 day hunt 7 full days of hunting, or does that include the day of arrival and departure?
A- A 7 day hunt means 7 hunting days excludes arrival and departure.

Q- What if I finish my package in 5 days?
A- We will keep you entertained for the remainder of your stay with a trip to the Park and other sight seeing.

Q-What can my wife do if she comes along?
A-Your wife can join us in the field or be taken on a personal tour of historic sights and and other places of interest in the two adjacent towns . There is always much to see and do.


Q- Is it safe to travel to South Africa?
A- Yes! We have just been voted one of the safest destinations in the world. There is absolutely no terrorism and the wonderful climate, friendly people and  favourable exchange rate make this country a favoured travel destination.

Q- Do I need to take any special medical precautions?
A- No, we are a malaria and bilharzia free area and have access to professional medical facilities within an hour. You need only bring your personal medical needs.

Q- Is the water safe for drinking?
A- Yes the water is safe and conforms to government  standards. We also supply bottled water on all occasions.

Q- What about poisonous snakes?
A-Yes we do have poisonous snakes. Fortunately however, they are hibernating during the time of the year that hunting takes place and it is extremely rare to even see one.

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