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Ledrea Game Lodge:

What’s your preference?

Be it Hunting(Gun and/or Bow), Safari’s, Hiking or just relaxing in the African bush veld.

Our 3000 hectare area that is part of the geater Riebelton safaris is situated in the extreme north of South Africa just 40km south of Limpopo River, where Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa meets.

Hunting: The species roaming on our planes are the Kruger Buffalo, Roan Antelope, Sable Antelope, Tsetsebe, Giraffe, Livingstone Eland, Cape Eland, Greater Kudu, Oryx Gazelle, Waterbuck, Red Hartbeast, Blue Wildebeast, Zebra, Impala, Njala, Warthog, Grey Duiker and Steenbok.

We have all the permits required (P3 Exemption, Outfitter, Professional Hunter and TOPS) to ensure that your hunt will be a success and that your trophies are in good hands and should your trophy be a Rowland Award or SCI it will be sent to be recorded (for the medal there will be a charge for your account if you wish to have the medal). Our hunting ethics are based on PHASA (Professional hunting association of South Africa) code of conduct.

Safari: Game viewing takes place on our off road jeeps. All the plain game can be viewed and if you are lucky you can see animals like the honey-badger, anteater, leopard, Hyena and much more. The Savannah ecological Biome is rich in bird life. We pack a nice sun downer box where you can watch the African sun set. A must to see once in your life time (No camera can capture the real beauty of the sun set).

Hiking: We offer various hiking trails from a 4km to a 12km walking trails through the thick mopani bush where you feel, taste and experience the wild African nature.

South Africa, the Hunting Destination in Africa.

  • South Africa has developed into the most popular hunting destination in Africa. The critical success factors being:
  • The highly successful management by the conservation authorities in South Africa of National and Provincial Parks. With approximately 7 million hectares set aside and managed by the authorities, an enormous resource base of wild animals has been produced for distribution throughout the country.
  • The above, together with the philosophy of sustainable use of our natural resources, has seen the development of some 9000 privately owned game farms covering 17 million hectares of land.
  • The greatest variety of animals available for hunting in any one country in Africa.

The high degree of professionalism set by the Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa (PHASA) and sound regulations controlling the professional hunting industry.
Hunting as a form of tourism contributes enormously to the economy of South Africa. Some 70,000 jobs have been created on game farms and directly from professional hunting.

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